Preschool & Daycare

nce upon a time there were two women with a dream. Each of them did not know of the others existence until one day whereby they became coworkers. As time passed and they began to know one another they realized they shared a special bond. They both had a very deep rooted love of children and a desire to comfort and nurture all of those children with whom they came in contact as a result of their livelihood. I guess you could say they both felt that the success they experienced in their careers was the result of maintaining that they were always going to function as "moms first".

They both recognized the importance of what they did as educators in their field of early childhood but, innately as well as through years of experience, knew that children can only learn once they were truly comfortable. What did that mean to them? Well, it meant putting aside a book that was to be read at circle time to give those extra hugs to that one child who still after a week was experiencing difficulty with separation from mom. It meant rubbing the back of the child who was having difficulty falling asleep at nap time because he wasn't in his own bed. It meant treating every child as if he or she was their own and making sure he or she was treated as they would want to see their own child treated in their absence.

When they realized that their philosophy of a "back to basics" approach was a shared one and having worked at other facilities where early childhood education was just a job and not a calling, they decided to make their dream become a reality. Their dream was to open a preschool / daycare where a child's emotional well being and sense of security is paramount. It is actually more like a fairy tale come true hence the introduction of our preschool / daycare - Once Upon A Time.

Lisa Rodrigues, formerly the Director of The Flying Goose and The International Preschool and Vera Iaconis, formerly of The International Preschool would like to invite you to become a part of their family as we introduce to you the opening of our facility. Let our years of experience, caring and nurturing be the foundation on which your child's success is built and where we are the next chapter in your child's happily ever after.